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Shard Fatigue System

shard fatigue.jpg

Shard Fatigue System came to us with Silkroad-R. The main goal in bringing it was to restrict the use of 3rd party software and to provide a smoother game performance.

The Shard Fatigue System may differ according to each server.

While some servers may contract 100% for 8 hours, this time is limited to 5 hours for some servers.
While our charge is full, our bar will be blue as below.


We can get our normal XP / SP and gold as we want in this 5 hour period.
When we deliver our quests, we will get normal

XP / SP and gold.

Our bar drops to 50% after 100% intent.
When our charge drops to 50%, our bar becomes purple as follows.


When our bar is purple, we can get 50% XP / SP and gold from every mob we cut.
The XP / SP and gold we receive when we perform and deliver our quests are limited to 50%.

When our 50% bar is finished, our charging bar will be gray as follows.
XP / SP and gold are not obtained from any mob cuts while our bar is gray.


When we want to do and deliver our quests, the delivery of the quests are prevented.
In new servers like Eris, when we do DC to our character every 5 hours, the charge is renewed as 100%.

When we become Silver VIP on some servers hosted by Joymax, our bar turns green.


We can get 100% XP / SP and gold 7/24 without being affected by the restrictions mentioned above.

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