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Samarkand & Central Asia Monsters


Kokoru - level 31

Kokoru, which takes its name from its unique screams, is a peritoneum that has not developed enough to become a demon. Kokoru, who is not as cruel as the peritoneum, competes with him in power. So don't try to deal with it or you may regret it.


Periton - level 32

Peritoneum, which is frequently found in Central Asia, is almost as big as humans. They attack cities and merchants with their irresistible desire to kill people, but they do not eat. According to a legend in Alexandria, when human souls are abandoned by the Gods, they turn into Peritones. Spirits that cannot vomit their grudges without killing people take the form of these birds.


Blood Ong - level 33

Since Blood Ong is much faster than Ong, it is hard to escape when you are surrounded by them. Blood Ong was given this name because the path they followed was covered with blood.


Ong - level 34

Ongs, keeping up with all kinds of conditions, spread to Tarim Basin in Central Asia. You can find yourself surrounded by Ong if you try to deal with someone because they live in flocks.


Hun Archer - level 35

Huns live in Central Asian steppes in the form of tribes with Turkish descent and immigrant horsemen. The Huns, who once ruled in Europe, quickly lost their power after the suspect of the Hun king Atilla was killed. Now they can only be seen in some parts of Central Asia. In some parts of Central Asia, the rest of the Huns make their last efforts to regain their glorious history. It is known that Hun archers, the most powerful of the Huns, can hit their targets from five hundred meters away. They were trained by Shamans to place the power of the winds in their arrows and cope with the winds, which greatly increased their destructive powers.


Hun Defense Lancer - level 36

Hun Defense Lancer, equipped with a spear, lost their ability to shoot arrows on the battlefield. These spearmen, who were previously responsible for the defense of the Hun forces, are as agile and destructive as before, if their shooting skills are not taken into account.


Hun Shooters - level 36

The Huns, which once ruled up to Europe and caused the immigration of the Germanic race, retreated to various parts of Central Asia and lost their power. But even today's Europeans are afraid of horseback Hun Shooters. Hun Shooters, equipped with bows and arrows specially designed to take advantage of the thick armor worn by Europeans, fight with horses and never be surprised by their targets. They were trained by Shamans to put the force of death known to harm your soul into arrows.


Hun Assault Lancer - level 37

Hun Assault Lancer is chosen among those who cannot use good bows and are trained as special companies for spear use. They are not dangerous at close range, as they do not use arrows. But the spears thrown by the agile movements that move the enemy's hand to his feet can pierce the chest. Most of the time, they attack the enemy, who has been invaded by horse archers.


Sosungsung - level 37

Sosungsung moves smaller but faster than other sungsungs. They roam in groups to make their little body stronger and have as high intelligence as those of sungsung.


Sungsung - level 38

The Sungsung description refers to the monkeys raised by Muzigi and Uzigi and who came to Central Asia after losing their families. These clever but wild monkeys can attack with wide field of view because they are afraid of all ghosts. They are weaker than Bunwang in Hotan, probably due to the conditions they are in.


Stone Golem - level 39

Stone Golem refers to monsters that turned into rocks after people who believed in the Aster Church in the village called Kâfir Village disappeared for unknown reasons. Despite being composed of ordinary stones, it has a body that is strong enough not to be afraid of simple weapons.


Rock Golem - level 40

Rock Golem refers to monsters that turned into rocks after people who believed in the Aster Church in the village called Kâfir Village disappeared for unknown reasons. Composed of harder stone than Stone Golem, Rock Golem has stronger defense and attack capabilities. Because it has no destructive energy ability, it travels around and looks for living energy to extinguish the flames of life.

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