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Roc Mountain Monsters


Feather Cloak - level 70

Native to Roc Mountain. '' Feather Clock '' The cloak made of feathers symbolizes the sad masks worn by the locals. He has a passive inclination to serve Roc. He uses a boomerang-like weapon made of wood.


Black Eagle - level 72

An eagle species that lives in the Roc mountains. Black Eagles, which are slightly larger than normal eagles, have been living on the Roc mountain for a very long time. They attack people incredibly quickly, very effectively. They love to eat the hearts of the victims after they die.


Feather Mask - level 73

Locals have lived here long before the Roc mountain got this name. They wear cloth clothes made of feathers and wear a wooden mask. They display a varying enthusiasm depending on the type of mask they wear. They consider Roc's coming to the mountain as a will of God, and they consider Roc to be equivalent to God.


Shaur - level 75

A race that develops from wild goats living in the mountain of Roc. They are normally very docile, but if they are attacked, they will react violently. It is said that once one of Shaur's sword tasters later sees the sword, it starts to tremble.


Goat - level 76

A race that develops from wild goats living in the mountain of Roc. They are very aggressive by nature and attack their enemies the moment they see them. Even if their aggressive nature does not circulate in groups, those who try to make fun of their loneliness pay for it with their shed blood.


Wing Tribe - level 78

Roc, using his own feathers, created this breed to fight people. Their heads are eagles and their bodies are human bodies. Thanks to the wings on their backs, they attack people by making sharp dives from the sky.


Wing Tribe Guardian - level 80

Hybrid birds chosen for their special abilities. They have a very strong body, as they are created on the hardest and deepest feathers of Roc.


Antinoke - level 82

They are half-human, half-beast, a goat head with spiral horns, a hairless human body and slightly crooked hairy legs. They wear claws as sharp little knives at the tip.


Antelope - level 83

A race that develops from wild goats roaming around the Roc mountains. They attack savages and people with their claws without hesitation. Antelope's big horns are strong enough to destroy an elephant with a single blow.


Wing Tribe Chaser - level 85

They were created from Roc's ancient, wind-grasping feathers. Thanks to their quickness and inconspicuous colors, they approach their enemies unnoticed and destroy them. Unlike Wing Tribe, they carry a spear.


Wing Tribe Attacker - level 87

Hybrid birds chosen for their special abilities. They are very strong, as they are created from the hard blue feathers in the tail of the Roc.


Rocky - level 88

Roc's puppies come from his blood. Even if they are not half the size of Roc, they are huge compared to other birds. It looks like a raven mix with an eagle. They are very young but not as smart as Roc. Still, with their sharp beaks and claws, they make people tremble with fear.


Rocky Javanis - level 95

In general, the Rocky Javanis are responsible for the sacred duty, which is to protect bird graves in the deepest part of the world. However, when summoned by Roc, they use their mysterious powers to protect Roc.


Rocky Malik - level 99

The gate guard Rocky Malik's general task is to supervise the Rocky Javanis, whose holy duty is to protect bird graves. However, when summoned by Roc, they use their mysterious powers to protect Roc.


Wing Tribe Duke - level 100

Wingtribe Duke are nobles who rule the Tribe of Wings.

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