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Jangan Monsters


Mangyang - level 1

It is the puppet made by Mr. Sa to curse Wijung instead of the palace. The devil was created as a spirited ghost. It attacks people with big lines regardless of the difference.


Small-Eyed Ghost - level 2

Monster with shorter arms and legs than Big - eyed Ghosts. His eyes are also small. However, it is very wild compared to its small body.


Big-Eyed Ghost - level 3

It is congenital humpback and one-eyed. It is therefore excluded. The vindictive, Big - eyed Ghost, who appeared after a child who died alone near the Hamgok pass, died. He is very brutal and attacks people with his big hands.


Old Weasel - level 4

Old Weasel has been living for a very long time. His physical force or attack power is less than Weasel, but due to his accumulated experience and intelligence, he is a very smart ghost. If he is disturbed, he eats and swallows people without understanding what happened.


Weasel - level 5

Weasel is a weasel tapestry that lived on the grassland around Jangan, organizing society. He has high intelligence but does not do productive work, he only attacks people and steals their food, hunts animals.


Water Ghost Slave - level 6

The Water Ghost slave lived and fled as a slave. There are tattoos on her face and body. He hates people and becomes wild in the face of people's brutal behavior.


Water Ghost - level 7

Water Ghost was originally a demonic structure as marsh elf. It attacks people with a big gourd that holds poison in its hands and enchants people.


Broken Stone Ghost - level 8

The protective stone image of the partially broken Qin-Shi Cemetery turned into a goblin over time and became the Broken Stone Ghosts.


Tomb Stone Ghost - level 8

The spirit of a man who died due to anger was attached to the tombstone. The resulting goblin is Tomb Stone Ghost. It attacks only living people wandering aimlessly. To fire out Tomb Stone Ghost, people need to break the stone apart and break the relationship with Tomb Stone Ghost.


Stone Ghost - level 9

The stone image is in the form of a lion. This was done to protect the Qin-Shi Cemetery, but over time it started to attack all the people who passed and passed their power. His attacks using his hard legs made of stone are very strong.


Tomb Stone - level 9

Unlike Tomb Stone Ghost, Tomb Stone is a gravestone captured by a devil. It has a more powerful demonic energy and is often seen around the grave.


Decayed Yeoha - level 10

The whole body was rotten due to a strong curse. Even if its body is rotten, it is as dangerous as the Yeohas.


Yeoha - level 10

Initially, the Yeohas were tree elves who guarded nature against the devil living southeast of the southern Jangan valley. They were protective elves. They would assist travelers crossing the mountain or valley. However, they became seductive and turned into malignant elves.


Bandit Surbodinate - level 11

Shows the low-ranking bandit carrying a sword. Except for bandit wearing high quality tiger skin, they usually wear fox leather.


Bandit Archer - level 12

Indicates a low-ranking bandit carrying a bow. Except for bandit wearing high quality tiger skin, they usually wear fox leather.


Young Tiger - level 13

These are the youth of the tigers that rule Tiger Mountain. Although they are young, they are very wild.


Tiger - level 14

It is a giant tiger that lives on Tiger Mountain and eats. It is big and powerful. Tiger follows Mabok and Tiger Mountain stains with blood.


Bandit Bowman - level 15

Bandit bowman is a bandit band member who takes merchants' goods to travel to Silkroad. Unlike Bandit archer, Bandit bowman is a stronger and better marksman.


Bandit - level 16

Bandit is a bandit band member who takes merchants' goods to travel to Silkroad. Bandit, who holds the Dagger-trained Firepower Mastery and is excluded, uses demonic techniques.


Black Tiger - level 17

Only one in 1,000 tigers is said to be born as a Black Tiger. It has a black body. Those who pass through Tiger Mountain call it the black devil.


White Tiger - level 18

The tiger group that rules the tigers; He has lived on Tiger Mountain for 100 years. They lead tigers and attack people wisely.

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