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Europe Race


He is the Count of Ireland. A smart leader who quietly managed the land delivered to him by the king.
He transfers the land to his son and embarks on an adventure to save his friend's life.


A clever priest, who gained Mystical eyes, then gave up these eyes to protect people and became an exorcist.
When he finds out that a great devil has entered a human body one day, he takes a long walk around the world to destroy this devil.


He was the old Norman Melrin hiding a secret and living a quiet life with his grandson, Kiske.
One day, Kiske escapes from the house and she travels to find Kiske.


He is a venetian merchant. He made a fortune on maritime trade in the Mediterranean, but this fortune was captured by pirates.
Although he managed to survive, he is now on his way to a golden pathway, Silkroad, to get his fortune back.


He is angry that the Byzantines fall into frivolous sectarian wars with each other, rather than claiming and believing their religion.
Worried for Rhena, who took a revelation and set off, she set off to protect her.

He is an Old English. As a member of the Saints Knights in ancient times, he was able to make very smart defense against the enemy.
He set out to explore Baghdad by the army to monitor the suspicious movements of Saracen people.


He is a mercenary who jumped from one war to another and lived his life.
He is living an unpleasant life in a world he does not know with the longing of Silkroad.


He was an old knight who had earned much rank when he was in the Army. Until other knights set a trap and become a slave gladiator.
Now he took a mission and hit the road. They would only kill the woman they loved in any failure.


He is a member of the Gothic Barbarian Neck. He constantly lost power and left only his height, relying on his courage.
Heading south, he started his adventure towards Constantinople.


He challenged a Noble and young German father, left the house and gave up this noble life and chose to live on Silkroad.


Himself The last warrior protects the Schollen Mountain Angel Zruphas, who protects the forests.
All other warriors went to heaven but he preferred to stay to explore the world and people.


He is an angel who lost a war in Heaven and fell into the world.
He punished with starting the war and was reborn in a human body.
It is still influenced by its past victories and has conquered the human world and sought a resurrection on Silkroad.


He is a half-werewolf whose father is a werewolf, raised by his human mother.
He didn't realize he was a werewolf until the age of 20 until a full moon night.
He was shocked by this fact and started looking for ways to return to his human form by leaving his village.


She travels on Silkroad to search for her husband, who does not return from the war against the Creatures.


A young woman who has never been outside her home since she was taken by Merlin as a Child.
Although Merlin trained him, he knows nothing about the world.
Then he looks at the world outside and runs away from home with great curiosity.


She is an orphaned Northern European girl who travels across the Continent alone and reaches Byzantium.
He always looks smart and looks for his family on this journey.


He was born the daughter of a merchant.
He grew up the business that he inherited from his father and reached Tang.
Yet he lost everything with one misfortune.
Now, on SilkRoad, her hands are open to restore her former wealth.


She is a 20-year-old girl in a Byzantine church about Divine divination.
After receiving a revelation saying that the world is in danger, she turns to the world.


She is a member of Saint Knights Knights.
The Royal Palace brings together talented children and trains them, especially as candidates for the saints.
She secretly steps into the world to investigate and deal with the prophecy that says the world is in danger.


She is a tribe of the Amazon tribe, the tribe of female warriors on the Iberian plateau.

She begins her journey to take revenge on the male soldiers who looted and destroyed her tribe.


She applies to become a general in the army in order to rebuild her Fragmented family.
She is assigned to send a letter stating that he is affiliated with the Chinese emperor.


She is a flirtatious Irish girl who enjoys traveling around the world and enjoying adventure.


She is a woman who was kidnapped from the atlas mountains as a slave and later became a gladiator.
After she was bought by a noble at a high price and was sent on a secret mission.


The guard of the angel Zrupas, who protects the forests, is a warrior.
In particular, she descends to the earth to protect and watch Lahil, who wants to travel the human world.
She accompanies Lahil on his journey in the human world.


She is a girl who uses Sexuality to seduce men.
The truth is that she worked for Succubus and took the life of men.


She is the granddaughter of the old Satan and the devil.
She was sealed in the ground with Satanile, who had lost his power.
Then it reappears in the chaos and chaos in the world and imagines that evil is reborn.

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