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Donwhang Monsters


Chakji Worker - level 19

Chakji Worker served the Taoist hermit in Huang He, but was later punished together for helping Chakji Taoist rebelled against hermit.


Chakji - level 20

Chakji also served the Taoist hermit in Huang He, but was punished for running away with women who were offered to him as a victim for his greed. Then it took the shape of a lizard. He lost his nature and turned into a devil.


Ghost Bug - level 21

Ghost Bug flies fast and seeks prey to survive in the dry lands of Western China as insect monsters.


Devil Bug - level 22

Devil Bug flies and hunts quickly to survive in the dry lands of Western China as insect monsters. It melts and absorbs human skin with the stomach fluid it burns. The person who was attacked by Devil Bug only has bones and skin.


Hyungno Ghost Soldier - level 23

Hyungno Ghost soldier is a vengeful spirit created from the death of Hun soldiers in ancient times before Tang rule. They appear and disappear near Donhwang, and attack all people without discriminating against the Hun race with their hatred.


Hyungno Ghost - level 24

Hyungno Ghost is a creature created by smaller demons living around them. Because Hyungno is smarter than Ghost soldier, his control is very difficult.


Demon Horse - level 25

They are the evil spirits of horses that are slaughtered or eaten to be eaten by people who have consumed food, and they are called Demon Horse.


Devil Horse - level 26

Devil Horses wandering outside the Demon Horses in this world have lost their souls and only have bodies. The unconscious Demon Horses are called Devil Horse.


Meek Gun Powder - level 27

Meek gun Powder is used when making a hole or working on cliffs. However, when attacked, he uses gunpowder as an assault weapon.


Earth Ghost - level 27

These are barbarian tribes living in barren lands. They are small and their faces are ugly. In fact, they were fine, but they became wild from the persecution of people. They attack traders or travelers crossing the barren land with two knives in their hands.


Meek Earth Ghost - level 28

The soft-headed Meek is called Earth Ghost. They are not bred for war, but when attacked they become very wild.


Gun Powder - level 28

This is the high-ranking Gun Powder. It attacks people with gunpowder. The person who is thrown a bomb is completely disintegrated.


Hyeongcheon Guard - level 29

In the past, when Hyeongcheon was killed by Ureuchi, all his guards were also killed. When Hyeongcheon resurrected, his guards also resurrected with him and they protect him like a shadow.


Earht Taoist - level 30

Earth Taoist shows high intelligence and strong spiritual powers. He does a variety of magic attacks using his magic power. It can control fire and uses very daunting fire magic.


Earth Magician - level 30

It has a much stronger effect than Earth Taoist. It has a spell strong enough to burn a huge area using the power of fire.


Hyeongcheon - level 30

Hyeongcheon was the perfect warrior of a foreign tribe in Western China, but was killed and thrown into barren land by Ureuchi from the Tangs. This alien tribe was resurrected as a monster without a head by the witch doctor. In order to find his own head, he moves a head and attacks people.

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