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Constantinople Monsters


Movia - level 1

Domoboy tells about the spirits that usually appear near Slavic cities. Some fell from Heaven to hills and forests and curse Paradise, while others fell near human settlements and learned to get on well with and protect them. Among them are Movia and can be seen near cities as a wild spirit. In fact, they are not bad enough to harm people, but the confusion in Eastern Europe affects them and they are bad.


Movoi - level 2

Movia's husband Movoi has a similar temperament and is a bit more aggressive than the other.


Graesp - level 3

Imp or Impet often means a naughty creature called an elf or fairy. Because of their badness, they often pose difficulties to people. Among the many imps, Graesp lives with herbs; It was calm and quiet at first. After years of wars in Eastern Europe ruined the weeds, Graesp began to attack people and became a very dangerous threat to humans.


Edenp - level 4

The same as Graesp. Sometimes they see different dreams.


Baroi Wolf - level 5

Baroi Wolf is a wolf found alone as a wanderer in the forests and was raised by the Barbaroi tribe, accepting them as their parents and attached. In the war between the Barbaroi tribe and the Eastern Roman Empire, the Barbaroi command attacked the people of the Eastern Roman Empire mercilessly, but now it is a domestic animal that has lost its wild nature.


Barus Wolf - level 6

Barus Wolf is a wolf caught and trained alive by the Barbaroi tribe. It is so wild that even Barbaroi has a hard time controlling it. They are born with a wild nature; they become very brutal by losing their control while fighting, and during their attacks they can even smash the rocks into flour.


Logos Baroi - level 7

Logos Baroi are members of the Barbaroi tribe and go to war under the rule of the legendary bear Hagiajoe Dov. These are hunters and Shamans who once went to hunt into the forest, prayed towards the sky, and used wind-loaded crossbows to lower the enemy's hit rate while fighting.


Bartis - level 8

The Barbaroi tribe, a small race that once lived in peace in Northern Europe, was mixed with wars and brought to the brink of extinction. They were able to escape this crisis thanks to the legendary bear, who later forced them to fight to take over neighboring areas. Men who once farmed picked axes and shields and fight against enemies. Of these, Bartis concentrates on defense, controls wolves and takes care of their ships and the fields of their homes.


Misos Baroi - level 9

Like the Logos Baroi, Misos Baroi was once a hunter and float in the Barbaroi tribe but was forced into wars by Hagiajoe Dov. They can strike a heavy blow to the enemy by attacking them with crossbows loaded with firepower.


Barpolle - level 10

People who once worked in the fields but were forced to fight are called Barpolle. They are equipped with axes and shields instead of farming tools. Unlike Bartis, they are careful because they are not exactly managed by Hagiajoe Dov, Barpolle, who lost his true nature, does not show any mercy to anyone.


Dow Genetos - level 11

Dow Genetos is derived from the legendary bear Hagiajoe Dov and was created to fight European knights. It is created with a focus on reinforcing intelligence rather than close combat cans, they use magic to gain superiority in fighting with knights. Dow Genetos uses wind magic to drag his enemies into chaos.


Kiklopes - level 12

In Greek mythology, Cyclopes are described as one-eyed, cannibals, sheep-breeding tribes living on an island in the middle of the sea. Cyclopes are also known as good masons who specialize in building large castle walls. There is a legend that they said that they built the Mycenae fortress walls. After the door between the mythological world and the human world was opened, they came to the human world and harassed people.


Dow Genema - level 12

They were created by Hagiajoe Dow with the emphasis on intelligence consolidation to fight European knights, the primary role of Dow Genema is to manage battles using magic, using violent magic to fire violent attacks against enemies.


Brontes - level 13

Brontes means thunder and is one of the sons of Earth Goddess Gaia. The three sons of Gaia had great abilities, gave the Gods a large number of weapons and benefited, but were killed by the gods who envy their abilities. Brontes, whose souls remain in the mythological world, came to the human world after the door between the human and mythological world was opened and they fight against the human world.


Aduna Ladon - level 14

Ladon are the sons of Ekhidna and Typhon, understand human languages and never sleep. While preserving the golden apples in the garden of Hesperides, Ladon died when he was stolen by Herakles. Ladon was raised to the sky after his death and became a constellation. He never forgot his feelings of revenge against Heracles, he came to the human world after the door between the human world and the mythological world was opened and harasses people. It is relatively weaker than other Ladons.


Polipemos - level 15

Polipemos is the leader of Cyclopes and the one with the strongest abilities in the giant tribe. He was blinded by Odysseus, regardless of the prophet, Polipemos was very sure that he could squeeze and eat Odysseus and his friends in a cave upon his return to the Trojan war. Odysseus stuck a pointed stick into his eyes after he got drunk and fled, leaving him blind.


Simos Ladon - level 16

Among the Ladons killed by Heracles while watching the golden apples, Simos Ladon is the name of the most violent grudge against Heracles.


Nemea's Lion - level 17

Nemea's Lion has a skin that is resistant to all types of melee weapons, breastfed by Selene, and later killed by Heracles in the Nemea valley. Nemea's Lion is seeking revenge on people, after opening the door between the human and mythological world, they come to the human world and harass people.


Serienes - level 18

Seiren, sea monsters in Greek mythology, mostly appear to heroes and are known as good singers. Seirenes are worse singers than Siren and help them. After the door between the mythological world and the human world was opened, they came to the human world and helped Seiren attack people.


Selene's Lion - level 19

Selene’s Lion has stronger and thicker skin than Nemea's Lion. After the door between the mythological world and the human world was opened, they came to the human world by harassing people.


Serien - level 20

Seiren, sea monsters in Greek mythology, mostly appear in the adventures of heroes and are known as good singers. They live on an island in the Mediterranean; they kill the sailors passing by and seduce them to eat. They came to the human world after the door between the mythological world and the human world was opened, they tried to sink the ships passing with their beautiful songs and performances as they did before, and even attacked people on the island.

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