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It has coasts in the lands of Eastern Europe, eastern and southern regions, dominating the beautiful scenic shores of the Mediterranean with partly cloudy cliffs. In the southern region is the temple of Jupiter, serving the ancient Greek God Zeus. It is based on the Byzantine culture, which is an extension of both the Eastern Roman Empire and Greece. The Eastern Roman Empire at the western end of Silkroad suffers from various attacks by foreign nations and the entrance of ancient mythological monsters.


Constantinople is the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and is known as the "Western Sun". It is located on the western end of Silkroad and takes advantage of geographic location to collect immense wealth and boast of its magnificent scenery. Due to its enormous wealth of silkroad-related overseas trade, the city has developed several harbors and boasts three-storey walls to protect the city from any enemy attack. Christianity dominates the city, where there are many Christian-related buildings such as Hagia Sophia.

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