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Chinese Race


As the son of a high-ranking employee in the palace, he grew up smug with the power of his father, but went to Istanbul on the orders of the King.


As a young palace scholar, he attracted the attention of European culture he met on the Silk Road and decided to explore this culture completely.


He is an opera singer. The Avare Theater Group, of which he is a member, broke up from lack of money and all members were disconnected from each other.
So she travels on the Silk Road to earn money to rebuild her community.


He was one of the richest people in the city of Jangan, but when he refused to bribe the treacherous servants of the palace, he lost all his assets in one day.
Now he is trying his luck on the Silk Road.


He is a man who goes to Balhae to develop the martial art.
After traveling around the world with the desire to be the best, he eventually came to Jangan.


He was chosen as the monk fighter organized by the Secret Jaeunsa troop.
Jaeunsa sent her on the Silk Road to save her homeland.


He is the son of a famous soldier family.
His family was murdered by some people who were afraid of their power, and he was the only survivor.
Waiting for the day of revenge.


He is a fighter with scars on his face and back.
One day he lost his memory and went on a long journey to find himself.


He is an esoteric Buddhist sorcerer who uses zombie skills.
To finally realize his dream; He came here to create the perfect zombie ghost.
But when it was thought that it was the head of the monsters that suddenly stepped through the city of Jangan, it was misunderstood.


He is a senior monk of Jaeunsa.
One day he experienced spiritual enlightenment and went to Cheonchuk to obtain Sutra.


He is the eldest son of the Ghost family.
With his ugly face, he was compelled to take revenge on people who considered his family to be desperate.


A teenager from the minority tribe Hyowon on Whagwa mountain.
Due to the face resembling a monkey, it is not very friendly to people, but upon the orders of Jecheondaeseong, he descended from the mountain and came to the city of Jangan.


Instead of being executed because he was the son of a traitor, he was sentenced to shame his entire body with a shameful tattoo.
Tired of looking at him with strange eyes, he left Jangan and came to the Silk Road.


She is the smart daughter of a senior family.
She seduced her friend Wolyeon to accompany her on the Silk Road adventures.


She has been fond of military art books since childhood, against her family's consent.
She is Choseal's friend.


He is a Gisaeng from the red light district in Jangan.
She decided to live her own adventure on the Silk Road by realizing her customers' fantasies.


She's a young widow.
On the Silk Road she is looking for her lost husband.


As a descendant of the Arab descendant who emigrated west, she learned to be a murderer to protect her family.


She was found by a fighter when she was an abandoned baby.
This fighter looked at her as if he was her real father.
But one day when the fighter suddenly disappeared, she set out to find him.


She left herself to a foreign culture after she went to Silla with her mother.
She escaped unannounced and joined the caravans on the Silk Road.


She is a girl who travels the world to find a perfect opponent.
It seems to have a connection with Gongsonryuwun, who has lost his memory.


As a witch woman serving the northern tribes, she struggled to protect tribal people from misfortune in the near future. I love her :)


She had to acquire the necessary medicines to treat her beloved.
She learned black magic just to save his life.


She is a descendant of the minority Yorang tribe in the Namman region.
She wanted to be sold as a slave for the sake of her people, and the house came to Jangan.


She is the younger sister of An Kungroe, the youngest daughter of a ghost family, Kuisalsega.
She struggles to find her brother.


The zombie girl that Deoklabeopwang looked at for a long time and eventually gained a full human appearance.
But she can't get rid of the evil impulses of the spirit she carries in.

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