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Asia Minor

It is located on the northwestern tip of Asia. Currently it takes into Asia Minor and the Caucasus region that Turkey manages. Asia Minor is a region devastated by a series of wars, and is therefore in a dark and gloomy mood. The land extends from east to west. A wide coast lies on the west and the eastern border forms Central Asia.
There are some ruins of Roman time and several traces of civilization throughout the land. On the west coast are the skeletons of sunken ships destroyed by ancient relics and pirates. Outside the beach, there are many roads between steep slopes that can take you to Cappadocia in the hilly region. At the southern end of the beach, there is a piracy slot built using the cliff. Cappadocia, which has many rocks and caves, is a shelter for oppressed Christians.
A high plateau stretches in Anatolia, the center of Asia Minor in the east of Cappadocia, and the east of the Criminal Valley is the end of Asia Minor.

Asia Minor is made up of a beautiful coastline and rocky terrain, Cappadocia, which stretches almost half the area. Evil Order retains control of this region.

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