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It is located at the end of the seaway in Silkroad Online and has many Delta areas in the center along with Alexandria in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings, the Storm and the Cloud Desert, located on the road to the Delta, are known as mystical areas with the remains of prehistoric gods.

He was born in the fertile land of the Delta Region Nilin. In the south, there is the Forbidden Part where Desert Looters hide.

Valley of the Kings is a place where the Pharaohs hid their mummies in rocky caves throughout the valley. A dungeon called Pharaoh's Tomb is located in this valley.

It is a desert with the strong rules of Seth, it is dark because it does not receive silver light due to Seth's strong storms. There is a dungeon called a grave in this desert.


It is the center of Egypt, there is Paros Lighthouse in this port city, the lights of the lighthouse guide everyone who goes to Alexandria. The city is home to large structures such as the Alexandria Library, Isis Grave and the Serapeum.

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